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Bio Innovator of 2 New Market Creating Solutions, 2010 and 2016. FinTech Mentor at Distinction of being one of the key member to help SMS Country Networks achieve 13th rank in Deloitte Ranking Fastest 50 Growing Companies in the Technology, Media and Telecom space, 292% Revenue Increase. 2017 TATA HiFlier Achievers Award TATA Teleservices Ltd. 2019 Runner Up Adobe Creative Jam, Sydney. 2018 Finalist in the Worlds Biggest Blockchain Hackathon. Tech Gig Code Gladiators 2018 registered in Guinness Book of World Records. Digital Transformantion and Change Management Adviser, Practitioner & Researcher. Trained Executive Coach. Strategy building, implementation and New Market Creation is my expertise. Over the past 12 years, I have built strategies to help clients from various sectors in FinTech, Digital Transformation and Brand Development. I have proactively researched and innovated new solutions that aided my clients to create new competitive advantage.


Fintech innovation and startups

Can every company be a FinTech?

11 Feb 2021

2015 - The year where Smart Phone's capability reached a new height. Faster processors to run complex applications. Cheaper internet plans and new mobile players which brought down the price of superior performing mobile phones. These were the main ingredient eats to boil the broth of new FinTech solutions. History is witness where FinTechs that r...

Bigger than Technology

How Blockchain can create New Business Model Innovation for Food Delivery Apps like Uber Eats

24 Aug 2020

Covid19 is detering people from moving out. Governments all over the world are doing their best to open mass testing centres to evaluate the spread of this virus. It has shaken the economies of the world where some companies are loosing their market, while some are restructuring themselves and some are trying to innovate their own field to deliver...