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ISO 20022: Why After 15 Years it’s More Important than Ever

06 May 2021

ISO 20022 is a globally accepted messaging standardization approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standards initiatives as a common platform for the development of messages. It was introduced in 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization to help financial institutions streamline their communication ...


Payment Trends During the 2020 Holiday Season

02 Dec 2020

The holiday season is already here, and there is much speculation about how this year’s events will affect the traditional economic impact of this time of year. Here are the payment trends we expect for: Retail You’ve probably noticed that retail stores have been advertising their Black Friday sales way before Black Friday. A primary reason is tha...

Disruption in Retail Banking

How Credit Unions are Managing Member Experience During COVID-19

19 Aug 2020

As COVID-19 evolves and continues to impact our world, it’s creating new challenges for business. Unfortunately, credit union members seem to be suffering more. According to a recent Gallup poll in Mid-March, while the national average is 70%, 75% of credit union members say they have experienced a great deal or a fair amount of disruption. Also

Digital Banking Trends

Billing and Payments for Credit Unions: 7 Questions to Consider

05 Aug 2020

Credit unions play a critical role in the American economy as their non-profit structure and membership model that promotes financial well-being across the entire cooperative. Many credit unions offer both direct (e.g. mortgage and auto) and indirect (e.g. partnership with a car dealership) loans to their members, both direct and indirect. Of cou