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Cloud Banking out of the Box

Best Practices for Microservices in FinTech

07 Feb 2022

Microservices fundamentally changed the way applications are built, managed, and supported after launch. Even more – they had changed the way engineers and managers think about digital products in the first place. The idea behind them is very simple – let’s make something scalable to power a fast-paced market and the need for constant change. Easy...


9 Worst Myths of UX/UI FinTech Apps Design

19 Jan 2022

Designing a well-performing and nice-looking user interface for a FinTech app is more difficult than just following the trends and picking popular colour schemes. In fact, there’s a whole scientific process to it and creating one according to the established rules requires not only artistic talent but also a holistic approach to how users perceive...


Cloud Banking out of the Box

How to Select Technologies in FinTech

17 Dec 2021

If you want to create a FinTech app, you need to think about a few important things. First of all – what do you want to achieve? Second – what non-functional requirements do you care about. Finally, what technologies to cherry pick from the vast array of options. Not all of them will perform well and deliver the exact result you want to get. So,

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

How to Use AI to Fight Financial Crime

25 Oct 2021

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is heavily used in Big Data and when it comes to the analysis of customers’ behaviour. There’s also anti-money laundering (AML) AI; it’s used to fight financial crime and guard the reputation of app providers. FinTech is about trust, after all. How exactly is it done and how can you benefit? Because cybercrime is ser...