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Chris Hopwood

Founder & MD at FS Partnership
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Bio FS Partnership was launched in 2014. The founders had all worked client-side, and agreed that generalist agencies were failing to meet the unique demands of financial services organisations. Our aim was to develop an agency that understands the complexity of the industry and can deliver superior results. FS Partnership provides clients with access to high quality resources in a cost-effective way. Our adaptable approach is built around your objectives and business culture. You can have confidence that the people working with you understand the difficulties faced by both large global institutions and challenger brands in the industry. We simplify the complexity, and can help your organisation to grow.


Innovation in Financial Services

Why now is the time to strengthen marketing activity

06 Dec 2022

A wise man once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” It’s a quote often attributed to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, though there’s some debate over whether he actually said it. Whatever the truth, it’s fair to say the comment has become a marketing world urban myth with origins dating back more than a decade. ...