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Bio I am the founder & CEO of Tokenise and Daxnet. Tokenise provides an end-to-end capital markets solution using blockchain technology to tokenise securities from primary issuance to secondary trading and clearing and settlement.



Tokenisation: Introducing a new asset class - the Royalty Token

07 Aug 2019

Tokenisation has led to the creation of a number of different token types. These mainly consist of equities, bonds and the fractional ownership of assets, with a particular focus on property, which I’ve mentioned in part two of this series. However, there are a whole host of instruments that are securities but have yet to be traded on any exchange...


Tokenisation: Can fractionalisation democratise asset ownership?

05 Aug 2019

Security tokens typically fall into two categories: the tokenisation of traditional financial assets, such as equities, bonds and funds; and a new asset class which involves the direct part ownership of assets, also known as ‘fractional ownership’. Both of these areas are receiving an increasing amount of attention. Below I’ll examine how fraction...


Tokenisation: The rationale for tokenising equities

31 Jul 2019

Talk of tokenisation within the financial industry has been popular as of late, with initial focus centring on tokenising traditional securities, such as equities and bonds. But there is now talk of extending tokenisation to encompass physical assets, covering property or even artwork. This series of articles touches upon the benefits of tokenisin...