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Christopher Craddock

Director for Tax Solutions at IHS Markit
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Bio I support business and product development for the tax suite of products and services provided for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. I have extensive industry experience in the field of taxation and regulatory compliance for FATCA, QI and AEOI regulations. Career History I was vice president at Brown Brothers Harriman, and a member of the Global Tax Services team in London, during this time I managed more than 100 client relationships across Europe and regularly spoke at events.


Internal Auditors in Financial Services

Tax Due Diligence - The first solution isn’t always the right solution

12 Jun 2019

Governments and regulators reacted to the 2008 financial crisis by introducing a raft of regulation for financial services, acquainting professionals with a range of acronyms such as MiFID, PRIIPS, EMIR and FATCA. The aim of much of the regulation: to improve transparency through reporting information to regulators and government authorities to he...