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Bio I am fascinated by the potential of digital invoicing. Career History PhD, University of Sheffield, 2012; Researcher, British Dental Association 2012-2014 ; Postdoctoral Researcher, Imperial College London, 2014-2016; Researcher and Project Developer, NHS Foundation Trust 2017-2018;


Fintech innovation and startups

Theranos, Lean Start Ups and How to Alienate Customers

07 Mar 2019

Start ups are hard. When my mind prematurely wanders off to success I have to stop myself and focus on my product and service. I do know what my values are and what I hope to achieve and I am committed to making the invoice processing system in the UK paperless and smooth. I know my goods and service inside and out, I have a solid grasp of my m


Electronic invoicing

Making Tax Digital Monday and Brexit Friday

27 Feb 2019

This financial year will be long remembered. Every company that has a turnover of £85000 or more will need to digitally return their VAT returns as of April this year. Companies over the VAT threshold (with a few exceptions for those with complex needs) will be required to use the Making Tax Digital (MTD) service to keep records digitally and use ...

Electronic invoicing

Electronic Invoicing and Dinosaurs

24 Feb 2019

Much has been said about the benefits of electronic invoicing. The cost and resource benefits for companies is well known, the contribution to reducing the VAT Gap is coming to light (just look at the recent Italian Mandate) and weighed down by the burden of manual processing they increase staff morale. There are, of course, many others. One area,...

Electronic invoicing

The Supplier is Key to the Electronic Invoicing Movement

08 Feb 2019

My mum made me tidy the house regularly. (And I mean tidy.) One of my early initiations was my briefing on how to wash up. I was instructed - very carefully and precisely - on which pot, plate or pan to begin with, which implement to use, how to dry, which towel to use and which cupboard to store them in. All to be done in batches of ten. I was 7....