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The future for exceptions management

George Stein, business development director, ACE Software Solutions, discusses the focus areas for exceptions management, the challenges and opportunities of using intelligent automation and the drivers for development.

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Roger G LeBlond
Roger G LeBlond - Roger G Leblond - Corpus Christi 11 May, 2015, 17:41Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I would totally agree that this process can be accomplished. I would agree that the banking industry would be a great place to start to generate greater efficiency and possibilbly additional revenue.

This would also be a great opportunity to expand the cutoff time, to automate the nightly cycle processing and to automate the reconcilitaion process so when the staff reports to work at * am they just have to review what was done and complete the work. These changes would make the customer respsecth the banking industry more than the current process being completed.