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How can the future state of information technology combat fraud and money laundering?

How can the future state of information technology combat fraud and money laundering?

Modernisation programmes, digital service proliferation, client demand and advancing technology are all shaping the evolution and the future of financial services. 

Real time is the order of the day, and while real time payments come more and more to the fore globally, payment providers need to get up to speed in being able to offer them to their clients and end users, but also to ensure they are deployed and implemented in a fully robust, resilient and secure environment. 

With real time payments comes real time fraud and the opportunities for value on both sides of the fence is eye-wateringly vast. Firms cannot afford to have payments held up by authorisation checks, fraud and AML controls and yet at the same time the sheer amount of information that should be processed with any given payment in order to scan, approve and hence protect against fraudulent or nefarious activity is great. 

Institutions are allocating more and more to defend against financial crime and this is at the same time good news and bad news for them. Being smart about such allocations means minimising the resource and disruption presented by legacy systems and instead working around them. 

Download this Finextra whitepaper, produced in association with Hazelcast, to learn more. 

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