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Open Banking Europe 2022 - What’s next for Open Banking?

Open Banking Europe 2022 - What’s next for Open Banking?

Since the European Payments Services Directive 2 was introduced in 2018, open banking has come to mean different things to different participants. Progress, innovation and developments have taken place at varying speeds with varying results.

In financial services there has been a flurry of new participants- quite as per the intention of PSD2- and between these, the banks and the often-conflicting, sometimes symbiotic relationships that have emerged, the customer has indeed been the recipient of a richer choice of services and providers. But it is still more limited than it might be.

The end user- be that consumer or business customer- has notions of the concept of open banking generally only in the form of new services now on offer. And they have become more attuned to the value and proprietary nature of data.
The customer relationship has become the holy grail, and yet no financial service can be launched or be delivered credibly without the unfaltering robust protection and compliance that only licenced banking organisations have the wherewithal to provide. Hence the need to increase access to banking rails for Third Party Providers (TPPs).

To this end there has been something of a stalemate, because for many banks, the value proposition is still unclear and the question burns brighter by the quarter- do the relevant bodies need to galvanise efforts by introducing stronger direction regarding infrastructure and accessibility?

Download your copy of this Finextra report, produced in association with Worldline, which takes the pulse on the development of open banking initiatives from several stakeholders through one-to-one interviews to ascertain where the biggest opportunities lie now and, crucially, what it will take for them to be fully realised.

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