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Fintech, ESG and IFCs: Embedding Sustainable Business Models

Fintech, ESG and IFCs: Embedding Sustainable Business Models

A Finextra Research Impact Study in association with Jersey Finance.

While the landscape for financial services is currently being re-shaped by the twin trends of digital technology and the rapid rise of sustainable finance, leading international finance centres (IFCs), always nimble and adaptable, are seizing on the opportunities.

Close analysis of these trends highlights an even more significant intersection at play with both these mega trends converging symbiotically, leading to fintech playing a part in the scaling up of sustainable finance, while the latter in turn accelerates innovation in fintech.

Adoption of AI is improving the ability of financial service providers in leading jurisdictions, such as Jersey, to meet compliance needs, while also driving down process costs that might act as a barrier to sustainable finance. Equally, the growth in sustainable finance leads to greater demands for fintech solutions, adapted to the specific needs of IFCs.

Evidence of these major trends and their impact on IFCs are included in the findings of this latest Finextra report, a study which Jersey Finance is pleased to support.

As an IFC facilitating cross-border investment through our expertise in areas such as fund governance, fiduciary and administration for private wealth, we are focussed on enhancing our capabilities in the digital space, while sustainability is already integrated into our core offering.

Furthermore, this symbiotic convergence is becoming a notable factor in firms’ service delivery within Jersey’s financial ecosystem. Firms such as Apex and IQEQ are tailoring their fund solutions to include new data-driven propositions, developing new tools that deploy the latest technologies to collect, evaluate and report ESG data. Sustainable finance solutions like this are seeing strong take-up by managers, keen to meet both the growing investor demands for transparency on the impact of their portfolios and to streamline their regulatory compliance under emerging frameworks, such as the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR).

It’s clear IFCs have a vital role to play during this global transition and leading jurisdictions such as Jersey, with long standing expertise in supporting cross-border capital flows and a flourishing fintech cluster, can call upon both these strengths as we gravitate to a more sustainable future.

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