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Cut through the noise: 5 key considerations when selecting your payments platform

Cut through the noise: 5 key considerations when selecting your payments platform

A Finextra Research Impact Study in Association with Compass Plus.

Identifying and working alongside technology vendors has never been higher on the agenda. A 2020 Lloyds Bank survey found that 88% of senior leaders within financial institutions say that tech investment will be a top strategic priority for the next 12 months, and that 62% plan to increase investment in technology and core systems.

Organisations across the payments industry are facing unparalleled pressure to digitally evolve. For incumbents this is a result of everchanging customer expectations and demand for digital. These factors cause financial institutions (FIs) to look to the crowded market of technology vendors to help future-proof their business.

Vendors trying to differentiate themselves in this crowded market often use convoluted tech-spin to try and attract new clients. This can make it difficult for FIs to identify which vendor, platform or service is best suited to their needs and may end up being led in the wrong direction.

While FIs are facing immense pressure to evolve quickly, selecting the right vendor is a process which should not be rushed into. Financial institutions must be cautious when considering potential technology vendors by cutting through marketing vernacular to build a clear understanding of the platform’s capabilities.

This impact study sets out the key considerations FIs must make to effectively deploy their strategy. From avoiding outdated assumptions, outlining clear objectives, steering clear of industry buzzwords, to asking the right questions, these fundamental tools will only assist financial organisations in their journey to enhance or transform their digital offering.

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