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Paving the path from Open Banking to Open Finance in Benelux

Paving the path from Open Banking to Open Finance in Benelux

Open banking has set the pace for differentiation of the financial services ecosystem, invited new players into the mix, challenged traditional meanings of data, value, personal information and the dynamics of ownership, and blurred the hitherto service sectors of society. This has resulted in greater competition and a proliferation of new services and offerings in payment and aggregation, blending activities across verticals and industries, and creating new ways of interacting.

The end user is undoubtedly the winner here but there are nuances still to be played out in terms of the perception of value attributed to personal data, ownership of the customer relationship, and the way in which services will shape the way people live their lives and vice versa.

Open banking is en route to open finance and beyond to open data, and in this burgeoning economy where new players, partnerships, aggregated services, platforms, apps and ecosystems are sprouting up, merging and shape-shifting at breakneck speed, it could not be more important to ensure at every turn the resilience, safety and security of each system.

The Benelux region, at the heart of Europe and straddling the very seat of European financial regulation, is well positioned as a microcosm of how the new economy is unfolding. This research paper from Finextra, in association with Equinix, is based on several interviews with experts in the open banking space and in Benelux who shared their views and insights on the current response to open banking and the future of open finance and open data.

Download your copy of this Finextra white paper, produced in association with Equinix, to learn more.

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