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The Future of Identity 2020

The Future of Identity 2020

Technology, Security and Regulation Driving Trends of Tomorrow.

Financial institutions must balance speed with security at all points of connection and communication with the customer, but while the incumbent player is known for laboured onboarding, fintech challengers are coming to the fore with slicker processes, more so now than ever before as a result of Covid-19.

Identity is integral to mature digital transformation and fulfilling customer needs, especially when mandates such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) are too limited in their coverage and arguably introduce friction, as evidenced by Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA).

Increased information exchange has also posed the pertinent question: who owns this data, when banks continue to be the trusted providers of identity and history dictates that ID solutions need a commercial edge? In addition to this, do we need to create a truly digital borderless economy?

However, we are not at that stage and with verification being the first point of contact for the customer, abandonment rates are up by a staggering 40%. Banks are further along in the digitisation of infrastructure but are slow in ensuring that the same experience is provided across mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

Some financial institutions are tackling this with the use of point solutions such as biometrics and analytics to maintain behavioural records, examining how customers hold their mouse, keystrokes and conducting liveness checks.

In order to combat sophisticated ID scams, banks must learn how to recognise behaviour. Account takeover fraud and synthetic fraud are both growing abuses of identity and social media connectivity is increasing the number of access points for bad actors. However, banks believe that this problem can be resolved by educating customers about the risks involved with data breaches.

What is the right formula? A ‘KYD’ – Know Your Device – approach. Infrastructure must be sophisticated, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning; the days of false positives are over.

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