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Personalisation-as-a-Service: Harnessing Data in the Banking and Payments Industry

Personalisation-as-a-Service: Harnessing Data in the Banking and Payments Industry

A Finextra Research Impact Study in Association with FICO and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As customers increasingly experience more consistent, personalised treatment from companies across a wide variety of industries, it is natural for them to expect—and require—the same of financial services providers.

Consumers do not want disjointed experiences across auto loans, credit cards, and HELOCs any more than they want them when shopping for different categories within the same online retailer.

Aside from consistency, 84% of customers revealed that being treated like a person, not a number, is important when winning and retaining business. That’s according to Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research, which also found that 73% of consumers expect specialised treatment for loyalty and anticipate rewards for past interactions, as well as for sharing their preferences or personal information.

However, only 22% believe that customer experiences are tailored effectively by organisations, and 50% fewer consumers perceive their bank as a trusted partner today than in 2018. Thus, there is a significant opportunity for savvy financial services companies who can meet consumer expectations.

At the same time, financial institutions that fail to satisfy those standards are in jeopardy, as customers are re-evaluating their choice of financial providers given an increasingly diverse and non-traditional range of alternatives.

Ultimately, consumers want financial providers to offer personalised services and integrated offers that address their most relevant needs at the right time, such as when they are buying a car, getting married, purchasing a home, continuing their education, etc.

The financial institutions that can anticipate customer needs and deliver service that is personalised and consistent across channels will be well positioned to thrive in the digital age.

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