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Migrating Capital Markets Applications and Data to Cloud in Uncertain Times

Migrating Capital Markets Applications and Data to Cloud in Uncertain Times

Operating under volatile conditions has taught sell-side firms how to manage risk, but in order to do so efficiently, they require the right technological capabilities for their risk infrastructure. Business-as-usual is not enough and this is where the cloud can lower operational costs, free up valuable internal resources and improve flexibility when attempting to run additional risk exposures and calculations on an intraday basis.

Adopting technology and scaling rapidly from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud is typically too expensive for capital markets firms, but support from cloud solution providers can help simplify and speed up this migration.

As the industry moves from large and disparate departments for business, technology and IT to smaller teams of technologists delivering tangible value, firms are leveraging the lack of need for a large IT function for databases, servers, patching and maintenance to size up the organization’s computing power, scale up and downgrade when needed.

SMBC Capital Markets, Inc., a market maker for swaps, including interest rate, currency, and commodity swaps and related derivative products, made the decision to migrate its deployed IHS Markit Front-Office XVA Solution, which runs on Amazon Web Services, to support growth, reduce costs and free up internal resources.

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