Citigroup's Kevin Houstoun elected as co-chair of FIX technical committee


FIX Protocol Limited (FPL) has announced that Kevin Houstoun of Citigroup has been elected to the Co-Chair position of the FIX Global Technical Committee and will be working alongside Scott Atwell of American Century. Kevin succeeds Dean Kauffman of TradeWeb, who has served in this post since June 2002.

Mr. Houstoun resides in Spain and is a consultant with Citigroup representing the firm on the FIX Global Technical Committee. Kevin joined Citigroup’s newly formed Equity Electronic Trading group in 1999 and has been part of a team involved in building a large electronic trading operation which has included testing with over 200 separate FIX engines and Order Management System combinations. A large part of his role at Citigroup is to evangelise the benefits of FIX in Europe.

Prior to Citigroup, he was employed by Robert Fleming and looked at emerging technologies for the group from either an investment or usage perspective. During this period he looked at FIX as a possible candidate for use in the investment management and brokerage firms. He concluded that FIX was a useful piece of technology for the firm and wrote a FIX engine which they gave away as a tool to help others learn about FIX.

Mr. Houstoun’s involvement in the FIX Technical Committee started in 1997. In addition to writing a FIX engine, Kevin has co authored FIX.4.2 program trading messages, the FIX.4.4 XML DTD, the FIX.4.4 XML Schema and FIX.4.4 FIXimate. He has also developed the FIX Repository which allows automation of the production and validation of parts of the specification documentation. Kevin is a member of the FIX Europe Regional Committee, participates on the FIX Europe Business Practices Subcommittee and has served as the chair of the FIX Europe Technical Subcommittee.

Scott Atwell stated, "Kevin has contributed so much to the growth of FIX especially within the European community. I am extremely pleased that he will be chairing this distinguished group of global participants to assist in further enhancing the protocol."

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