Arcot Systems and EMC to integrate digital signature and Documentum technologies

Source: Arcot Systems

Arcot Systems, Inc., a leading provider of multi-factor authentication, credential management, and digital signature solutions, today announced a technology and channel development relationship with EMC.

The alliance is focused on the integration of Arcot's universal digital signing solution with the EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) platform. Development of the joint solution is well underway, with a large-scale test deployment in place, and general market availability later this year. The solution will be offered as part of the company's SignFort family of digital signing products.

The integration of Arcot's universal digital signing interface into the ECM platform provides customers with a unified electronic document solution that is more aligned with the digital signature process. The ability to streamline document management and compliance processes translates into greater management control over content and quicker access to digital signature capabilities to more employees across more functions - enabling improved efficiency and lower operating costs. In addition, the use of digital signatures in this integration will increase the level of security inherent in the document management process by allowing organizations to better monitor and control who can approve specific documents. The solution will also provide businesses with the ability to track electronic signatures on PDF, XML, and other documents.

"This new partnership is a coordinated response to make digital signatures in electronic documents easier and more intuitive to use for customers in the life sciences industry – from lab technicians to physicians," said Mark Arbour, General Manager of Compliance Product Business Unit, EMC Software Group. "The Arcot digital signing interface plugs into our existing business process management framework, enabling customers to quickly develop flexible yet highly compliant digital signature solutions. Arcot has an established track record in the digital signing space, with proven deployments within large complex organizations – the same types of customers that use our ECM solution."

The integrated solution is SAFE-compliant (Signatures and Authentication for Everyone), indicating that it meets strict legal and technological requirements governing the use of digital signatures in the bio-pharma community. Arcot’s universal digital signing solution is identified as "USSI" (Universal SAFE Signing Interface) within the SAFE consortium. Arcot's role as a primary vendor in the SAFE consortium validates the company's position as a leader in the deployment of digital signatures for practical and widespread use within the enterprise.

"With growing competition in both domestic and international markets, enterprises are seeking to implement greater organizational efficiencies, and to expand the scope of their electronic content management and business processes. As more functionality is pushed out to a greater number of employees, tighter management control over documents, as well as the general usability of any company-wide solution, becomes increasingly important," said Keith Goldstein, Arcot's Vice President of Worldwide Channel Development. "In order to support this operational expansion in a secure and efficient manner, businesses need to increase their content protections by multiple degrees while controlling user support requirements and other costs. The ongoing integration of Arcot’s digital signing technology with the EMC Documentum platform paves the way for businesses - in many different industries - to increase efficiency and their competitive advantage through rapid expansion in the use of digital signatures and e-documents."

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