Wombat, Voltaire, Novell and Intel team for market data optimisation

Source: Wombat

Wombat, the high speed trading technology experts, is working with Voltaire, Novell, and Intel to deliver new breakthroughs in the field of market data integration and distribution.

Leveraging Voltaire' s high performance, low latency InfiniBand switches and software; Concurrent Real-Time Extensions Powered by SUSE Linux; and the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series, Wombat has taken leadership in the development of a new technology foundation for capital markets participants seeking a performance advantage.

The four companies engineered a development platform in Wombat's downtown NYC labs, designed to marry the combined expertise and innovations of their processor, operating system, application and networking levels. The environment will be used to develop optimized implementations of these components, helping customers achieve new performance breakthroughs and support them as they evolve.

Capital markets organizations are hungry for proven solutions which optimize not one isolated element of their automated trading systems, but rather the total performance of the hardware, software and network elements which impact their trading decisions. To meet this challenge, Wombat, Intel, Novell and Voltaire have embarked upon the pursuit of complete solutions which deliver the total latency crucial to investors and financial engineers. And while jointly pursing leadership, each member of the alliance remains committed to choice and openness across the vendor community.

"Intel is committed to introducing and driving innovative trading technologies to the market," said Rick Millem, Worldwide Director, Financial Services, Intel Corporation. "We work with companies like Wombat to deliver industry-tailored solutions with the next generation technology stack to ensure the investment banking customers are benefiting from Intel dual core processors and our value-add trade acceleration technologies."

"This relationship underscores Novell's commitment to our financial services customers worldwide and highlights our continued success in offering solutions to the industry that solve real-world business challenges. Concurrent Real-Time Extensions powered by SUSE Linux brings the power of low latency computing to the financial services industry," said Kimberly Lorusso, Industry Marketing Manager, Financial Services, Novell.

"Voltaire's InfiniBand-based hardware and integrated software solutions offer a powerful combination of high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and efficient CPU utilization that directly address market data infrastructure challenges," said Patrick Guay, senior vice president of marketing, Voltaire. "We are extremely pleased to work with Intel, Novell and Wombat to bring such an influential solution to Wall Street."

"Advantage in the world of automated trading requires a tenacious drive to stamp out latency and boost capacity at every point in one's market data environment," said Daniel Moore, COO of Wombat. "By combining our efforts with innovative allies, we're helping our customers realize the performance they desire, where it counts - end to end."

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