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Ex-HSBC wealth manager launches conversational AI agent


Alumni of HSBC and St James’ Place Wealth Management, today announced the launch of a multimodal privacy-focused AI Financial Agent, under their flagship product, Finley AI.

With a focus on delivering empathetic, real-time financial data, guidance, and insights in a natural conversational manner, Finley AI is set to empower fintechs and financial firms worldwide. The AI agent aims to significantly elevate client experiences and interactions by providing scalable on-demand engagement that meets the pressing demand for more personalised and accessible financial services in today's digital-first world.

The team behind Finley AI are industry-recognised finance, innovation, and AI experts, and are backed by technical resources and support from industry leaders Microsoft, Google, and NVIDIA. Finley AI combines trained financial generative AI with enterprise-grade data privacy and security. This addresses the critical challenge of implementing generative AI within the financial technology sector, ensuring user privacy and data security.

The financial sector's readiness for the adoption of conversational AI technologies, exemplified by innovations like the Finley AI Agent, is highlighted by the escalating demand for chat-based solutions. This surge is also driven by financial firms seeking to tackle client scalability issues and to ensure immediate client interaction. The launch of sophisticated platforms, such as ChatGPT, which attracted 100 million users within just two months, has elevated customer expectations, prompting a call for more interactive and engaging service offerings from companies. Globally, financial enterprises are already championing this transformation, rolling out or building generative AI-driven solutions aimed at enhancing their internal teams and client-facing experiences.

“If in the early 2000’s every firm needed a website and in 2008 every fintech company needed an app, we firmly believe that every company by 2025 will need an AI agent. Given this, it was vital for us to develop the Finley AI Agent using the powerful capabilities of generative AI but without compromising user privacy. Finley AI empowers financial firms to offer advanced, accessible, and intuitive client engagement, marking the beginning of a new era in the financial industry." Elemi Atigolo, Ex-HSBC and St James’s Place Wealth Manager and Co-founder of Finley AI stated.

For financial businesses aspiring to lead in the new digital era, embracing innovative technology is vital. AI agents—autonomous systems powered by AI that can think, analyse, and take action—play a pivotal role. They enhance client interactions, provide personalised experiences, and execute tasks with efficiency.

Finley AI, is privacy-focused, therefore, it implements stringent data privacy and security measures, including PII redaction, content moderation and guardrails.To tackle and reduce AI ‘hallucinations’, Finley AI Agents employ a diverse network of trained mixture of experts along with sophisticated retrieval-augmentation techniques and technologies. The Finley AI Agent is available in two versions: FinleyX, which offers vision capabilities, up-to-date information and real-time financial data, and FinleyPro, offering up-to-date information and designed for financial guidance, client engagement and coaching conversations.

Product Highlights:

● Privacy and Security: Implements strict PII redaction, financial frameworks, and guardrails.
● Advanced Conversational Abilities: Empathetic understanding and conversational AI for enhanced client engagement.
● Built with regulatory and compliance support: Developed with support from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Advice Unit for the deployment of financial AI chat and voice guidance models.
● Trained in financial principles: Trained to harness a broad understanding of financial principles, our system delivers adaptable guidance suitable for varied circumstances.

Finley AI has undergone crucial research and development including working with the FCA, which helped INATIGO embed regulatory standards within the Finley AI Agent, further solidifying its commitment to responsible AI development. This dedication is also reflected in the success of Finley AI Voice assistant, a precursor to the current AI agent, which served over 100,000 users globally during its research period. The Finley AI Agent has already garnered interest from global leading financial institutions during its stealth phase.

Atigolo states “Our Finley AI agent is trained in finance, capable of providing nuanced financial guidance and real-time market insights, enhancing client engagement, scalability, and reducing the workload on human advisors to work on more complex tasks and situations. Finley AI is the embodiment of offering financial firms an innovative tool powered by state-of-the-art technology designed for financial services to enhance client experiences without compromising privacy. As a team of former finance experts, we're excited to lead the finance industry into this new era.” 

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