Pivot offers brokers instant alerts via IMTrader

Source: Pivot Solutions

Pivot Solutions, the technology firm behind IMTRADER, today announced that brokers can now provide clients with immediate notification of critical information, allowing them to deliver unparalleled service to their customers. This technology solves the industry need for alerting in the financial markets, allowing traders to avoid communication delays that often occur with e-mail and other standard messaging vehicles.

The IMTRADER alerts provide brokers with an automated solution, which makes certain that time-sensitive information gets in front of customers, ensuring that vital communications are received. Designed as an automated system for broadcasting trade communications to a large distribution list, the alerts can be used for distributing a range of market information including: indications of interest (IOIs); market looks; industry news (earnings releases, press releases, trading data); pre-trade crosses; post-trade updates or relevant coverage announcements.

IMTRADER’s alert technology gives traders a competitive edge by ensuring that they are the first to reach their customers. In turn, their clients benefit by receiving the vital details on which they rely for split-second decision making. The result is tighter client integration, increased customer service and enhanced communications accuracy and speed.

"Message speed and relevance from a trusted source are fundamental to the success of the end users," explains Furqan Nazeeri, CEO of Pivot Solutions. "IMTRADER’s dedicated team constantly strives to understand our client’s needs and develop the most advanced communications tools to help them achieve optimal results."

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