Union Bank of California chooses Vectorsgi image exchange software


Union Bank of California, N. A, the primary subsidiary of UnionBanCal Corporation (NYSE:UB) a $46 billion bank holding company, announced that it has selected VECTORsgi solutions to address image exchange and image quality and bolster its Check Clearing for the 21st Century or Check 21 preparedness.

The bank has also added two additional remote capture sites in the Pacific Northwest to expedite the image capture of checks using VECTOR:Capture for Prime Pass.

Union Bank will become the first bank using the SuperMICR platform to process checks, to license VECTOR:ImageEX. The solution will allow the bank to quickly transmit check images over a secure, managed network to other banks. The highly versatile solution is designed to work with and complement a financial institution's existing image capture and electronic check presentment (ECP) software.

VECTOR:IQA evaluates an image at specific points within the capture process to determine if it meets quality specifications. Images that meet the specifications are accepted and processed through the system. The software will give the bank details about unacceptable images and the ability to either rescan the image or replace it. Poor quality capture leads to missing images, which occur when the data line on a check is captured but no matching image exists. Items with missing images cannot be processed without significant manual work and are sometimes simply written off by the bank.

"VECTORsgi has proven that it is a leader in image capture technology," said Bill Christensen, executive vice president of Operations for Union Bank of California. "That demonstrated ability, coupled with the company's solid reputation in the financial services community makes them an ideal partner as we approach the widespread practice of image exchange."

"Banks have an obligation to ensure the quality of images in their exchange program," said Sydney Smith Hicks, president and CEO of VECTORsgi. "These new solutions, once deployed, will help assure Union Bank of California's image offerings are of the highest quality."

The bank's addition of two new remote capture sites will make it fully image enabled at the prime pass. The new sites will use the same capture solution, but on a different transport than the previous sites. Union Bank of California was an early adopter of VECTOR:Capture for Prime Pass. The bank plans to install the new solutions in time for the October 28 start of Check 21.

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