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Xapo Bank launches stock investments feature

Source: Xapo Bank

Xapo Bank, a fully licensed bank that combines traditional banking with access to Bitcoin and stablecoins, today announced the launch of a new Stocks investment feature within the new ‘Wealth’ section of its mobile application, expanding accessible investment options for its non-US members by allowing them to invest in S&P 100 stocks from anywhere in the world. *

Non-US members can now make fractional or whole investments in over 100 blue chip stocks with as little as $USD10 and automatically collect dividends with stocks that offer these benefits. There are no hidden fees, and all transactions will incur a simple 1% fee, with regulatory fees where applicable. In the near future, a host of additional stocks and investment options may also be added.

Xapo Bank offers members a competitive annual interest rate of 4.1% on USD deposits, as well as 1% on Bitcoin deposits**. Combining these deposit options with access to stock investments at the tap of a button, Xapo Bank is offering a truly unique experience, especially for members in the emerging markets of Latin America.

In the face of inflationary pressures and macroeconomic headwinds in the aforementioned markets, Xapo Bank provides members with the tools to not only safeguard and access their deposits 24/7, but also grow their wealth at the same time. This is done via interest-bearing offshore accounts denominated in USD, the most commonly held reserve currency and the most widely used currency for international trade and other transactions around the world. The addition of the ‘Stocks’ feature builds on the yield-bearing savings account by providing members access to investment services to further grow their wealth.

Seamus Rocca, CEO of Xapo Bank said: “At Xapo Bank, we always encourage portfolio diversification and sensible investing. Medium to long term investing in S&P 100 stocks is a well recognised way of achieving long term wealth so we wanted to make it accessible to everybody. By opening up access to the US stock market for our international members, we are providing them with the best tools available to grow their wealth and ultimately democratising access to a highly desirable market. In one application, you can now hold Bitcoin, a high interest USD savings account and your stock investments, all without being limited by where you live.” 

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