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Conio expands custody technology to Ethereum

Source: Conio

While 2023 was a negative year for a large part of the digital currency sector, for Conio, which launched the first Bitcoin wallet for smartphones in Italy in 2015, it was a year of change and innovation, which the company intends to continue with in this last quarter.

In fact, to meet the needs of its customers, in recent months Conio has made the decision to add 12 new cryptocurrencies to its wallet: Ripple, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot and Chainlink are just the latest to be added to a list already containing Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Avalanche, Algorand and the USDC stablecoin. In addition to Bitcoin, of course, which remains the cornerstone of Conio's development and dissemination work.

Another element of innovation included in the App is the “Convert” feature, which allows users to convert an asset already present in their Wallet into another from among those available on the platform. This allows users to change the composition of their Wallet without having to carry out a bank transaction, speeding up the process and saving on bank charges.

Conio's development projects are far from over. In addition to supporting up to 50 digital assets in the app by the end of the year, the fintech company is already working on further extending its custody technology. Alongside the already established custody solutions on the Bitcoin and Algorand blockchains, Conio is now expanding its systems to offer custody on EVM-based blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, while maintaining the security standards that have already been validated and established.

Therefore, there is increasing freedom of movement at Conio, which does not forget its origins and its mission: to provide a secure universal wallet and offer its technology to banks and institutions, which are showing growing interest in custody solutions dedicated to an ever-increasing number of digital assets, as a result of the growing development of tokenization.

In recognition of its commitment, Conio was nominated for the third time as a Sample Vendor in the Blockchain Wallets category within the Gartner® Hype Cycle for the Blockchain and Web3 sector, and in June it was selected for the Visa Innovation Program Europe 2023 as the only crypto fintech company for Italy.

Today, Conio aims to further solidify its position in the Italian digital asset market, where it has already gained 400,000 private customers and won the trust of banks and financial institutions through its high security standards and custody technology.

“The innovations introduced in recent months are only a first step in the evolution of Conio. In just a few months, we have revolutionised the usability of our App, extended support to new assets and added new features. We are currently working on extending our custody technology, with high security standards, so that we can also integrate it on EVM-based blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. In fact, banks and financial institutions are showing growing interest in custody solutions dedicated to an ever-increasing number of digital assets and Conio is already at the forefront in the development of cutting-edge solutions," states Orlando Merone, General Manager at Conio.

“Distributed ledger technology and tokenization are revolutionising the offer of banking and payment services. In our view, in a few years the majority of current accounts in Europe will be replaced by universal wallets based on blockchain technology, created to support new forms of bank money, as well as new tokenized financial assets. The innovation that is just around the corner will allow us to go even further. In fact, tokenization will make it possible to expand the range of financial services we know today, helping to bring new players into the sector,” concludes Christian Miccoli, CEO of Conio.

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