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Investment Metrics launches liability reporting

Source: Investment Metrics

Investment Metrics, a Confluence company, the leading global provider of investment analytics, reporting, and data solutions, today announced the availability of liability reporting in its Portfolio Analytics and Reporting (PARis) solution.

This new capability gives Investment Consultants and Asset Owners a more comprehensive and balanced view of their Pension plans, while significantly improving institutional plan analysis and reducing manual work and errors.

Asset allocators can now report on pension benefit obligations, track funded status, duration matching analysis, and liability glide path modeling alongside PARis suite of pension plan asset reporting. PARis allows users to easily enter actuarial data which is combined with index data to deliver institutional-grade liability reporting for asset owner clients.

With the addition of liability reporting, Confluence’s PARis solution allows users to analyze critical measures of institutional plan performance towards meeting future retirement payment obligations and provide a more robust understanding of their institutional plans. This is especially useful to European asset allocators who are required to report on pension liabilities.

“Liability-driven investing has been a strong focus for pension plans over the last few years due to interest rate and funding level changes,” says Damian Handzy, Managing Director of Analytics Division at Confluence. “With PARis’s Liability Reporting capabilities, institutional groups can present a more holistic and accurate view of pension plans to their stakeholders through our fully automated and highly scalable process.”

Investment consultants face a growing need from their stakeholders to focus on pension obligations that support strategic planning and improve consistency and reporting practices. Investment consultants can track historical liabilities without overwriting data, preserving reporting integrity and enhanced auditability. PARis allows financial professionals to focus on analysis and strategic decision-making while improving consistency in reporting practices and making it easier for stakeholders to manage their assets and liabilities.

For more information on the PARis Liability Reporting solution, please visit content.invmetrics.com/liability 

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