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FreedomPay integrates Amazon's ID service into checkout solution

Source: FreedomPay

Chris Kronenthal, President at FreedomPay : At FreedomPay, our technology empowers businesses around the world to provide a robust, frictionless and personalised purchasing experience across online and in-store channels. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Amazon One—the fast, convenient, and contactless identity service that uses your palm to enter, identify, and pay—is now integrated with FreedomPay’s commerce technology platform.

Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and FreedomPay’s technologies enable merchants to offer a seamless checkout process and a faster way to pay. Shoppers will be able to use their palm to pay with FreedomPay using Amazon One.

Amazon One, a palm-based biometric identity and payment service uses artificial-intelligence-like computer vision and deep learning techniques, including generative AI, to establish a person’s identity. Amazon One is highly secure and protected by multiple security controls using custom-built algorithms and hardware to create each person’s unique palm signature which is never stored on the device. Instead, these signatures are encrypted and sent to a highly secure, custom-built area in the cloud, which simplifies a range of tasks from payment to access. You can read more about how Amazon One was designed with customer privacy and data security top of mind.

With FreedomPay’s commerce tech, consumers and merchants gain access to world-class technology, including our seamless tokenisation capacity. This feature enhances data security while delivering the seamless, personalised experiences consumers love. Tokenisation protects customer data with a randomly generated “token.” Not only does this protect bank accounts and credit card numbers, it also allows merchants to recognise their customers. It also allows customers to build profiles of spending patterns and provide insights to deliver more targeted loyalty programs, promotions and rewards. These features, powered by FreedomPay, enable consumers to use any credit or debit card to check out with any merchant or venue that accepts Amazon One.

Merchants face a rapidly changing consumer landscape. Payment flexibility will remain key to customer satisfaction and a merchant’s brand reputation. As consumer expectations continue to emphasise speed, customisation and convenience of checkout, merchants must optimise every interaction with consumers by embracing innovation, prioritising personalisation and delivering a seamless and secure experience.

A platform like FreedomPay’s differentiated and convenient payment experience is key to helping merchants unleash the power of pay with the world’s open payments platform.

We’re excited to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch this new solution and to continue building innovative new physical retail experiences.

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