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ESG1 and GMEX ZERO13 to trade tokenised industrial carbon offsets

Source: GMEX

ZERO13, a GMEX Group initiative providing a digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, and ESG1, a subsidiary of GuildOne providing innovative digital assets and ESG solutions built on R3’s Corda, have announced a landmark collaboration that will create an automated digital pipeline for North American industrial carbon offsets to reach high-demand markets in Europe and the Middle East. ESG1’s V10N digital measurement, reporting, verification, and tokenization (MRVT) platform is integrating with GMEX’s ZERO13 trading hub to provide large-scale, high-integrity credits generated by disruptive emissions removal technologies.

Ensuring verified and traceable ESG data is a key part of the critical path to closing the $100 trillion climate finance gap and proving global sustainability progress, which will create a powerful adoption driver for the convergence of blockchain, AI, and IoT. ZERO13’s automated AI and multi-blockchain-driven ecosystem engages stakeholders across the carbon generation, registry, and monetization lifecycle to support a trusted Net Zero transition for governments, corporations, and ESG investment markets.

ZERO13’s multi-chain trading and settlement functionality will be leveraged by ESG1 for its private carbon tokens, powered by R3’s Corda platform, the leading distributed tokenization platform for regulated industries, and its Cardano public chain tokens. Based in Alberta, Canada, ESG1 works with leading energy sector, cleantech and verification partners to register, verify, and issue digital carbon assets on-chain, with embedded IoT device provenance and AI-facilitated analytics and reporting.

ESG1 was founded by oil & gas blockchain company GuildOne to pivot the company’s data infrastructure and smart contract technologies to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Since its founding in 2001, GuildOne has developed award-winning digitalization projects for major oil & gas players and First Nations communities, including a joint venture management collaboration with ExxonMobil, the Blockchain for Energy Consortium, and R3 Corda that was featured in the 2023 Forbes Blockchain 50.

James Graham, CEO of ESG1 and GuildOne said, “We know from our decades in the energy sector that Alberta is the leading global jurisdiction for the advanced measurement and quantification protocols needed to support true carbon market integrity and value. We’re excited to partner with ZERO13 to export these proven Canadian emissions standards to the world while collaborating on building automated, scalable, and IoT-integrated carbon markets.”

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13 added, “Our collaboration with ESG1 ensures buyers can digitally procure high quality carbon removal credits with end-to-end provenance and trust. This is achieved by combining ESG1’s advanced digital measurement, reporting, verification and associated tokenisation capabilities interoperating with ZERO13’s automated AI and multi-blockchain-driven trading and settlement network. We can also maximise distribution by connecting multiple registries, exchanges, digital custodians and participants.”

Todd McDonald, R3’s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, said, “Distributed technology can completely revolutionize the traceability and verification of ESG data, and we’re excited to see Corda being deployed successfully by ESG1. R3 is committed to enabling an open, trusted and enduring digital economy, and this use case is yet another example of Corda’s ability to facilitate interoperability between its regulatory-compliant, permissioned environment, public blockchains and traditional institutional finance.”

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