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Everyware initiates instant payouts

Source: Everyware

Everyware, a trusted name in customer engagement, billing, and payments, today reveals Instant Payouts, a massive stride forward in the space of instant payments.

This innovation in instant payments catapults the traditional transaction process of payouts into the digital future. Born from an alliance with Visa Direct, a world leader in digital payments, Instant Payouts represents a revolutionary leap in payment technology. With this innovative solution, the outdated check system becomes a relic of the past, enabling real-time Actual fund availability depends on receiving financial institution and region. fund transfers straight into customers' debit cards or bank accounts.

Enabled by the robust capabilities of Visa's 'Visa Direct' solution, Everyware's Instant Payouts signifies a profound transformation in the way funds are transferred. This streamlined, pain-free process far outstrips conventional ACH approaches, harnessing the limitless potential of technology to deliver an instant payment experience, adaptable to a multitude of industries.

"Everyware's Instant Payouts is akin to witnessing the first step on the moon in the financial transaction universe," declared Austin (Larry) Talley, Founder and CEO of Everyware. "We've transcended beyond just speed; we're redesigning and securing the way money moves. From settling insurance claims, healthcare refunds to automotive payments, Instant Payouts relegates the days of anxiously waiting for a check in the mail to a thing of the past."

Integrated effortlessly into multiple industries and use cases, Instant Payouts offers a sleek, intuitive interface enabling users to access funds in real-time1. It nullifies the risk of checks getting misplaced or delayed in the mail, giving customers the assurance of swift and secure fund accessibility.

The technological expertise behind Everyware’s Instant Payouts, facilitated by Visa Direct, empowers immediate bank-to-bank fund transfers. This synergy with Visa underscores Everyware's unwavering dedication to driving change, uniting advanced technology with Visa's legacy of trust and dependability to usher in a financial system that's fast, secure, and reliable.

"Online sellers, marketplaces and consumers-alike now demand faster and more reliable payments," stated Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, North America Head of Visa Direct. “We’re proud to collaborate with companies like Everyware that are helping to change the game in global money movement and disburse funds quickly and securely with Visa Direct.”

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