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Quant releases Overledger plugin for OutSystems Forge

Source: Quant

Blockchain for finance pioneer Quant has made its enterprise-grade technology, Overledger, available on application builder marketplace OutSystems Forge.

The move underpins Quant's commitment to making blockchain technology simple to implement, by enabling developers - whether working for financial institutions, large enterprises, SMEs or start-ups - to prototype their Overledger apps quickly and easily.

Overledger is the first blockchain technology provider to launch on OutSystems Forge - a repository of open code modules, UI components, and business solutions that is well-known amongst developers for accelerating application delivery time.

Application developers face significant hurdles when building blockchain projects. This is because most developers tend to specialise in only one blockchain coding language or architecture, whilst there are dozens of blockchains (Ethereum, Ripple, Polygon etc) in usage. Quant’s technology is chain-agnostic and its core focus is interoperability, both between different blockchains and between blockchains and legacy systems.

With the integration of the Overledger no-code plugin into OutSystems Forge, developers can effortlessly incorporate blockchain functionality into their projects. The module enables users to "drag and drop" the plugin into applications, making blockchain development a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Peter Marirosans, Chief Technology Officer at Quant, comments: “By providing developers with the tools they need to easily test their ideas on Overledger, we are making blockchain application development child's play. Developers can bring their ideas to life in a matter of hours. Our goal is to simplify the process and empower developers with the ability to create innovative blockchain solutions.”

The API module, included in the Overledger plugins, is specifically designed for low-tech application development, catering to companies and developers at various stages of ideation and testing. It allows users to pilot ideas, build demos on testnets, and connect existing systems to blockchain data, all without requiring an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology. The module also delivers built-in authentication, configurable environment variables, a ready-to-go API, and a simple transaction signing process.

The launch of the Overledger plugins on OutSystems Forge follows Quant’s June announcement that it would make Overledger available to all via software-as-a-service. Overledger is the infrastructure that was used in Project Rosalind, the Bank of England and Bank for International Settlements’ flagship retail CBDC project.

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