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Stock Exchange of Thailand runs ESG hackathon

Source: Stock Exchange of Thailand

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will host the first-ever SET Hackathon competition for the general public under the theme “Wealth and Sustainability”, opening up opportunities for thinkers, students, faculty members, investors and interested individuals.

The competition is aimed to encourage them to co-invent, utilize the database of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) and develop as an innovation that can navigate investors and listed companies towards sustainable investment and business operations. Application to participate in the competition opens from today to October 10, 2023, to win prizes of over THB 300,000 (approx. USD 8,527.57)

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that ESG performance data are now one of the key factors for business operation and investment. Significantly, the business sector can use such information to analyze all-around factors for corporate risk management, leading to strategic adjustments to maintain competitiveness. On the other hand, investors, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders can use the information to consider how the company places importance on and has responsibility for stakeholders, society and the environment. Furthermore, it can also be used as supporting data for investment decision along with financial data to analyze long-term growth.

“All along, SET has developed and created various databases that are of benefit to investors and listed companies. In the age of data and information today, such database as SETSMART, investment information, economic data, and savings and investment knowledge, are all in line with the SET vision ‘To Make the Capital Market Work for Everyone’,” Pakorn said.

“Specifically, SET has initiated SET Hackathon 2023 competition, an open forum for intellectuals and experts in various fields to brainstorm, invent, create and develop innovations by applying ESG databases, under the challenging issue of ‘Promoting Investors and Listed Companies to Make Use of ESG database’. The focus will be on creating innovations or new technologies to solve the problems and data usage restrictions, ultimately to meet the needs of investors and listed companies. The right approach will be extended to benefit the development of the Thai capital market in a sustainable manner,” added Pakorn.

SET Hackathon 2023 welcomes students of all levels, from undergraduate to graduate, faculty members who are interested in the business development of the Thai stock exchange, investors, and general public. Applications to participate in this project can be team (4-6 persons), competing to win prizes of over THB 300,000.

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