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Commercial Bank of Dubai and PwC collaborate on AI

Source: Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) and PwC Middle East have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to accelerate the adoption of AI technologies across CBD's operations.

The partnership focuses on elevating customer experiences and enhancing engagement through personalized AI-driven customer service solutions.

By integrating PwC Middle East's advanced AI technologies into its services, CBD aims to deliver tailored services that resonate with individual preferences and needs, ultimately enhancing customer experience. Additionally, the collaboration will explore how AI can optimize internal processes at CBD, and use data-driven insights to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Mr. Ali Imran, Chief Operations Officer at CBD, expressed his excitement, saying, "This transformative collaboration with PwC Middle East signifies a pivotal step forward for Commercial Bank of Dubai. We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer experiences and driving operational excellence through the integration of AI technologies. This strategic alliance reaffirms CBD's dedication to innovation and reinforces our position as a leading bank in the region."

Ali Hosseini, Chief Digital Officer, Partner, PwC Middle East remarked, "PwC and the Commercial Bank of Dubai are joining forces to embed Generative AI deep within the financial sector. This partnership highlights our dedication to shaping change and assisting clients with their transformation journey towards an AI-driven future."

The collaboration is expected to deliver tangible results, with CBD aiming for improved customer satisfaction and more efficient operations, thanks to PwC Middle East's cutting-edge AI technologies. Customers can anticipate a smoother, more personalized banking experience as CBD takes a step forward in the AI-driven banking solutions arena.

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