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Altum Group implements RiskScreen's KYC platform

Source: Risk Screen

Altum Group, a leading international provider of Fund, Corporate and Family Office Solutions, has successfully completed the implementation of RiskScreen's groundbreaking KYC platform.

The partnership marks a pivotal moment in Altum's journey towards being a future-fit business, driven by a commitment to efficiency, technology, and sustainable growth.

Challenged by sluggish manual onboarding, rigorous regulatory landscapes, and a commitment to forward-thinking practices, Altum turned to RiskScreen for a comprehensive solution.

Altum Group's Chief Executive Officer, Zena Couppey, expressed: "We are thrilled to join forces with RiskScreen to propel our evolution towards efficiency and technological excellence. In today's dynamic business landscape, staying competitive demands adaptability and embracing cutting-edge technology. This partnership underlines our commitment to offering unparalleled services to our clients and ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry."

With technology driving transformative change across industries, Altum Group has made a strategic choice to invest in state-of-the-art solutions.

RiskScreen's cutting-edge electronic onboarding and screening solutions are poised to revolutionise and mitigate potential risks across operations. By integrating RiskScreen's advanced capabilities, Altum is well-positioned to proactively manage the onboarding process, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly complex business environment.

RiskScreen’s CEO, Stephen Platt commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Altum Group to help them achieve their goals. What differentiates RiskScreen from all other RegTech businesses is our approach to using compliance as a competitive advantage for our customers. Altum Group’s dedication to innovation aligns perfectly as we continue our mission to provide award-winning customer on-boarding, screening and pKYC solutions.”

This partnership evolves Altum’s product offering and represents a dynamic fusion of industry expertise and technological innovation. Together, Altum and RiskScreen are poised to reshape the fund administration landscape by redefining efficiency standards, fostering technological advancement, and establishing new benchmarks for future-fit businesses.

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