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Thames Technology working to eliminate virgin PVC from card production

Source: Thames Technology

In a move to further reduce its impact on the environment, Thames Technology, a leading European financial and retail card manufacturer, is planning to eliminate the use of virgin PVC from all its card production.

Thames Technology has already been manufacturing 100% of its non-financial cards such as gift, loyalty, and membership cards virgin plastic free using either paperboard or recycled PVC (rPVC) depending on the intended use and lifecycle of the cards.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Thames Technology is now planning a total move away from single-use virgin PVC by offering more environmentally-friendly alternatives for its financial card clients, in particular rPVC. Using this material means that plastic waste will be reduced and less will end up in landfills and oceans.

Recycled PVC is post-industrial waste that is recycled into PVC sheets. Using this raw material in card production has no impact on colour, performance, or the look and feel of the finished card product but offers a far greener alternative to virgin PVC.

Leading the way in the UK and European card industry by using sustainable materials as standard for card products, is just one step Thames Technology is taking towards embracing corporate responsibility. Last year the company has been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis silver rating for its commitment to sustainability. Find out more about how Thames Technology is supporting the environment.

In addition to supporting the company’s own sustainability plans, this move will benefit partners and clients alike as it will enable them to meet sustainability targets, reduce their carbon footprint and promote their own environmental credentials by applying the rPVC logo to their cards.

Che Colford, General Manager at Thames Technology, commented:

“We are proud to have achieved our goal of migrating all of our retail cards from virgin PVC to paperboard or rPVC. Moving over financial card production will be another significant step towards creating a world without waste. Even though high-quality recycled plastic actually costs more than brand new plastic, we believe using sustainable materials is the best way forward thanks to robust global supply chains and economies of scale.”

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