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Conotoxia ships bill splitting facility

Source: Conotoxia

Conotoxia fintech’s individual and corporate users can send other people links to pay for a joint restaurant meal, collect funds for a gift, and also, for example, tutoring or goods purchased at a market.

The new service is called "Accept payments". Links can be paid for in any of 27 currencies using a wide range of payment methods.

Now not only online shops using Conotoxia Pay have a "payment link" service available for their retail customers. "Accept payments" for both Conotoxia's individual and business users is a fast, convenient and secure way to accept payments from relatives and friends, but also, for example, for small services. Fintech users can generate a payment link in the mobile app or in a customer panel on the website and send it to any number of people by text message, email or any other form of electronic contact.

The link, with a default expiration date of 2 weeks (with the option of unlimited renewal), leads directly to the payment processing. The person who receives the link can choose the payment method and the currency in which they wish to make the payment. The person generating the link will receive funds in the amount and currency they expected. Fintech is working on further development of the "Accept payments" service. Conotoxia will soon present e.g. a novelty regarding defining links validity time.

"Accept payments" can be used in various everyday matters, e.g. when settling a bill by a group of friends in a restaurant, shopping together, collecting funds for a gift, but also accepting payment for tutoring, goods sold at a market or, for example, a plumbing service. People who receive a payment link do not have to be registered at Conotoxia. They can pay in EUR and 26 other currencies using e.g. funds held on the web portal (for free), online fast bank transfers, BLIK, cards (Visa, Mastercard and others), Apple Pay, Google Pay or iDEAL

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