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Kuwait International Bank rolls out corporate online banking platform

Source: Kuwait International Bank

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has announced the launch of its all-new Corporate Online Banking platform, heralding a new phase of financial empowerment and security for its corporate customer.

The launch falls in line with the Bank’s commitment to digital innovation and expanding its modern banking solutions.

This platform was implemented as part of KIB’s pledge to elevate its state-of-the-art digital banking technologies to cater to the Bank’s corporate customer segment. Designed to seamlessly integrate innovation and security into corporate businesses, the platform promises cutting-edge features and complete control over financial transactions.

In his statement on this major announcement, Hesham Al-Mubaraki, General Manager of Wholesale Banking at KIB, said: “We wanted to build an online platform that our customers could trust. Accordingly, the Corporate Online Banking platform was designed to deliver great levels of personalization, efficiency, and security. Today, the platform marks a great leap in the development of our financial solutions and banking experience. It also paves the path for further promising applications to make our banking experience even more personalized and unique.”

Speaking about the unique features and benefits of the platform, Al-Mubaraki highlighted that KIB Corporate Online Banking offers customers a holistic view of their financial activities, from high-level insights to granular details, to help them make well-informed decisions and take their businesses to new heights. He said: “Corporate customers who sign up to the platform would be saving their valuable time and resources, as it provides them with the opportunity to personalize and streamline their operations with complete ease and convenience.”

To this end, customers can tailor their Corporate Online Banking experience to match their role within their organization by choosing to access relevant features only, thereby optimizing their time and allowing them to remain productive. With the Redirect Requests feature, the platform’s users would be allowed to forward their requests to any superior within their organizations to better streamline the approval process.

Moreover, the platform’s POS Dashboard provides users with a centralized view to seamlessly track and manage cash flow across all payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, or KNet. As for the Hide Amount feature, it enables users to work in open spaces while ensuring complete privacy and security. The Tracking Dashboard, meanwhile, allows users to view all their interactions with the Bank in one place, easily tracking the status and progress of accounts, finances, and all requests. Lastly, the platform’s Advanced Salary Portal is designed to simplify and streamline any payroll system with innovative features, such as file upload and error guidance.

Concluding his statement, Al-Mubaraki said: “On behalf of KIB, I would like to applaud our high-caliber technical team, from technology pioneers to UI/UX designers and product developers, who enabled the fruition of this new distinctive online platform. The experts worked closely with different sectors of the Bank to ensure our online platform meets all our corporate customers’ banking needs.”

It is worth noting that KIB always strives to provide an enhanced digital banking experience to better suit its customers’ evolving lifestyles. The Bank also prides itself in committing to a customer-centric strategy that focuses on the modern needs of customers, especially in terms of technology. This commitment falls in line with KIB’s “Bank for Life” slogan. 

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