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Japanese neobank Habitto hits 12,000 downloads in first month

Source: Habitto

Habitto the digital bank offering a market-leading savings rate of 0.3%, launched its app on June 13 2023. Since then, the app has already seen over 12,000 downloads and over ¥130 million in new deposits. But the brand still believes it needs to do more to make financial products appealing and accessible to the younger generation. With this goal in mind, Habitto has opened its new office in the fashion district of Cat Street Uruhara.

‘It might not seem an obvious choice for a financial business to have its office in one of the world's most popular fashion districts but we didn’t just want a workspace for our team but a space that reflected our mission and values’ Liam McCance Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer.

'Our mission is to simplify financial products, as well as to make finance more accessible and to be more transparent. So instead of being hidden away in a high-rise office tower in the financial district, we wanted to be closer to our customers in an area where they are spending their hard-earned savings. This office is designed to make our brand accessible to our target audience and remind these potential customers that they can also achieve financial freedom with access to the right products and financial advice.’ Liam McCance

‘Despite being a mobile-first finance brand, we still believe that it’s essential to connect with customers at ground level and with a human approach. Trust in financial brands is built over time. We can only achieve this trust through a combination of positive customer experiences both on mobile and face-to-face.’ Samantha Ghiotti Co-Founder & CEO

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