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The Investment Association to replace EchoWeb data collection platform with Fundipedia

Source: The Investment Association

The Investment Association has agreed a partnership with Fundipedia, a leading data management solution for asset managers, to use Fundipedia technology to replace the current ECHOWeb fund data collection platform.

The IA and Fundipedia have a history of collaboration. Fundipedia was selected as a member of the IA Engine, the IA’s FinTech accelerator in 2020. Fundipedia and the IA also partnered to create the Common ShareClass Register. This latest project underscores both firm’s commitment to innovation and efficiency across the industry.

As a class leading data management solution for asset managers globally, Fundipedia has a reputation for consistently responding to client’s needs and industry demands. Fundipedia's innovative data management software is trusted across the industry, including by major providers such as HSBC, LGIM, and M&G. With a growing international reputation for quality and value, Fundipedia has a proven record of innovation and adaptability to future changes.

The partnership between the IA and Fundipedia will deliver increased data flexibility, allowing IA members to share more data without disrupting current data flows. Automated data collection will eliminate manual oversight required by the IA, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process.

Additionally, Fundipedia’s flexible reporting module will allow each IA member to create custom reports and dashboards that align with their unique requirements, thus lifting limitations on hard-coded reports present in the current ECHOWeb solution, while maintaining compatibility with existing reports.

As part of this initiative, Fundipedia will engage with the IA and its members to explore additional services and efficiencies that can be achieved following the initial launch.

Jack Knight, Deputy Chief Executive of the Investment Association, said:
“I am pleased to see the expansion of our relationship with Fundipedia, an alumni of IA Engine’s fintech accelerator programme. The partnership will bring together our expertise in fund collection and reporting with Fundipedia’s automated data management solution, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of Fundipedia’s services on the IA and our member firms over the coming months.”

Simon Swords, Managing Director, Fundipedia, said:
"Our proven track record in service reliability and commitment to our clients and the wider industry is something we take great pride in. With our proposed solution, the IA will replace the incumbent system and gain added value through a suite of enhanced data collection and reporting features that will benefit all 200+ members.”

“This is a huge step on a journey Fundipedia started in 2007 to improve data management across the asset management industry by streamlining how data is managed and leveraged. We are incredibly excited to go on this journey with both the IA and its member firms.”

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