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Stax connects with PayPal

Source: Stax

Stax Payments, the all-in-one payments provider, is working with PayPal to offer a comprehensive solution for accepting payments online for its customers.

Eligible Stax Payments customers can now accept payments with PayPal, Venmo and PayPal Pay Later options.

Beyond new payment options, the collaboration with PayPal offers Stax customers near instant access to funds, fraud detection, Seller Protection on eligible transactions and the built-in compliance standards PayPal is known for. PayPal’s more than 430 million global active accounts will now easily be able to make purchases with those merchants.

The collaboration between Stax and PayPal reflects a shared vision to deliver seamless experiences that help merchants grow their businesses and sell more. By being able to accept PayPal, Venmo and PayPal Pay Later options, Stax customers will reap countless benefits, including:

Improve the customer experience by catering to their needs, offering some of the most popular payment options and letting customers pay the way they want.
Drive more sales through offering a seamless payments experience to make purchasing easier, as well as letting customers select a buy now, pay later offer that works best for them through PayPal Pay Later solutions.
Implement fast checkout by letting customers easily make purchases with the click of a button, creating as little friction as possible in the checkout process.

“Customers have more ways to pay than ever, and merchants need to be able to accept a wide variety of payment options to keep up with demand,” said Chris Staymates, chief technology officer at Stax. “Collaborating with PayPal, we’re able to give our customers the opportunity to create a smoother shopping experience for their buyers, improving customer retention and ultimately increasing their bottom line. At Stax, we pride ourselves on keeping pace with the rapidly-evolving fintech industry, and this collaboration helps us do just that.”

Together, Stax and PayPal are providing a solution that gives merchants the foundation for ongoing business success. For more information on how Stax customers can benefit from these PayPal solutions, visit www.staxpayments.com/paypal.

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