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Investment app Plum expands offering

Source: Plum

Plum, the smart money app, has launched two new smart features for stock investors in Ireland.

These features are aimed at improving customer understanding of their portfolio and providing them with timely information to make decisions about their investments.

Plum customers can now monitor financial instruments that interest them via ‘Watchlists’, before deciding whether to purchase them. This will enable customers to track stocks in one place, empowering them to improve their understanding of both their portfolio and the wider investment world.

In addition, Plum is introducing ‘Price Alerts’, which will allow customers to set target prices on stocks. The app then automatically notifies the customer when the share price rises or falls to the level set by them. This customised feature means investors can easily monitor all the stocks on their radar for purchasing, with Plum updating them automatically on price movements important to them.

Plum launched stock investing for Irish customers in 2022, and now offers up to 3,000 single US stocks for customers to invest in.

Elise Nunn, Plum’s wealth product manager comments: “Thanks in part to increased awareness of and access to the stock markets over the past few years, we’ve seen lots of customers join our platform to try stock investing for themselves. But what we’ve noticed is that these customers need a balance between automation and control to ensure they are able to invest wisely.”

“Both of these new features have automation at their heart, breaking down barriers that might have once made investing inaccessible. In the same way that you’d favourite an item of clothing while online shopping, you can now track stocks through watchlists and receive alerts from Plum when a set price is hit. This will help put customers in a strong position to make informed investment decisions and build their wealth.”

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