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Dutch fintech LoopingOne raises €2 million in seed funding

Source: LoopingOne

LoopingOne, the pioneering fintech startup, is thrilled to announce that it has secured an impressive €2 million during a recent seed funding round.

With the investment the company will accelerate the development of its groundbreaking agnostic KYC/B and multi-party payments product for marketplaces and online platforms.

As the online volume for marketplaces is projected to reach an astonishing $9Tn per annum in the next few years, LoopingOne is expected to capture a significant share of this rapidly growing sector. The company's platform is specifically designed to provide streamlined onboarding (KYC and KYB) and payment solutions for B2B, B2C and C2C marketplaces.

LoopingOne has attracted significant attention within the fintech industry. Investors that contributed in the seed round include former C-level employees at Adyen, Worldline, and GlobalCollect employees as well as founders of established global marketplaces. Ebury, which invested in the previous seed round, was also part of this round, demonstrating its belief in the immense potential and value that LoopingOne brings to the market.

Co-founder and CEO Bob Voermans expressed his excitement, stating, "LoopingOne helps Marketplaces be independent from payment partners in their day-to-day operation by allowing them to choose various KYC/B and payment partners that suit their individual needs at any given time."

A testament to LoopingOne's commitment to innovation and excellence is its recent nomination for the CIO Magazine Innovations Award in the Most Innovative Start-up/Scale-up/Challenger category. The award recognizes and promotes innovative projects among suppliers and customers in the field of technology. “Our teams are really excited to be re-imagining a platform from the ground up, based on Azure, API-first and AI architectures with a beautiful user-experience,” says CTO Chris Martlew.

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