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Global PayTech Ventures invests in SoftPOS vendor Klearly

Source: Klearly

Global PayTech Ventures (GPT) today announced its recent investment in Klearly, whose free app allows merchants to not only accept payments via smartphone, but also evaluate important business insights.

The merchant-focused payment solution helps European business owners operate more efficiently and provide better service to customers.

“They’ve gone beyond the payment technology. They are able to provide business insights through superior product capabilities,” said Javier Perez, founder of Global Paytech Ventures (GPT).

What is it?

Klearly’s app is a ‘soft’ point-of-sale (POS) application, which enables merchants to accept payments directly via their phone. The technology works via the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, a hardware component in all smartphones. NFC chips enable short-range wireless communication between devices - by either two smartphones or by a traditional credit card and smartphone.

Many small businesses still rely heavily on ‘hard’ POS systems requiring a terminal or other physical payment hardware. These traditional systems have been problematic with connectivity issues, battery drainage and high purchase/subscription costs.
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Klearly’s app is a significant improvement over standard soft POS technology because it can provide transaction analysis in addition to contactless payment acceptance. Klearly’s app can also be customized to suit specific merchant needs.

Kearly was founded in 2022 by Sam Koekoek, Eva Rosa Bian, Geus Walder, Guy Griv and Edan Dil. “We focus entirely on the end-user. We started Klearly to help as many people as possible realize their entrepreneurial dreams, said CEO, Sam Koekoek.

How it works

Merchants download the free app - no terminal is required.
The app integrates directly with smartphones. No complicated installations or subscriptions.
User completes the automated registration process.
User can start receiving payments within 24 hours.
The app provides valuable business insights to merchants

Why it’s revolutionary

Most soft POS applications only provide contactless payment acceptance. They do not capture sales and accounting information on a daily basis.
Unlike POS terminals that only provide an aggregate view of transactions, Klearly can track business transactions on the individual phone level.
Soft POS applications are typically ‘one-size-fits-all’ for merchants, while Klearly’s app can be customized.

“Klearly provides entrepreneurs with all of the tools they need to conduct business easily and successfully,” said Koekoek.


Nearly 30,000 payments successfully processed.
Approximately 400 merchant signups in the Netherlands.

Klearly recently completed a 6-month pilot program with Amsterdam Taxi Centrale and Rotterdam Taxi Centrale, the largest taxi stations in The Netherlands.

Klearly has also been chosen to process in-car payments for Bolt, one of the larger ride-hailing services in Europe.

Klearly is focused on further streamlining the app and scoring even higher in user-friendliness. Longer-term, they plan to expand into other European markets.

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