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Alloy Labs partners commercial lending tech firm Lama AI

Source: Alloy Labs

Alloy Labs, a consortium of community and mid-sized banks dedicated to fostering innovation in financial services, announces a new partnership with Lama AI, an AI-powered commercial lending technology provider for the financial industry.

The partnership allows more than 75 Alloy Labs bank members to access Lama AI’s exchange and technology, designed to help banks grow their lending portfolios and approve significantly more of their business loan requests without changing their risk appetite.

Given the industry’s overall average decline rate of 80% for small business loan requests, Lama AI helps banks to collaborate with one another in real time and achieve significant increases in overall loan approvals. As a group, the overall approval rate is dramatically higher than that of any individual bank, and Lama secures each participant’s commercial interests.

Lama AI serves as a growth partner, plugging into its bank partners’ deal flow through various embedded lending channels, including fintech partners, software companies, and professional service companies serving the small-business market. Lama AI ensures high levels of qualification matched to each bank partner’s appetite, allowing the banks to grow their loan books responsibly and to grow deposit relationships with no upfront marketing costs. Dozens of banks across the United States, including top financial institutions, rely on Lama AI and its safe and secured infrastructure to power their own small-business lending processes. The company’s security and compliance have been critical components in gaining industry adoption.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Lama AI, which shares our mission to reinvent banking through accelerated innovation and collaboration in financial services,” said Samer Saab, SVP of Product at Alloy Labs. “What stood out to our members was the team’s keen understanding of the challenges that banks face when automating their small business lending function. Lama recognized that the hurdles exist beyond the technical or experiential questions, and requires that providers be active drivers of growth on behalf of their bank partners.”

“We’re excited to be joining forces with Alloy Labs to help financial institutions unlock the power of artificial intelligence and big data,” said Omri Yacubovich, co-founder and CEO of Lama AI. “Our technology helps financial institutions transform their operations, cut underwriting costs, improve their customer experiences, and drive growth in a rapidly evolving market.”

As part of the partnership, Lama AI works closely with Alloy Labs members to implement the technology to improve their lending operations. Members also have access to a wide variety of embedded lending opportunities and will be able to seamlessly offer credit to a wider range of their existing customers without taking unwanted credit risk onto their balance sheets. 

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