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Onfido acquires Airside Mobile

Source: Onfido

Onfido has acquired Airside Mobile, Inc., a provider of private, digital identity sharing technology and a pioneer in user-controlled digital identity in the travel industry.

With the acquisition, the global leader in automated identity verification will pursue a world of ‘Verify Once, Share Anywhere’ digital identity. Onfido wants to apply user-controlled digital identity to financial services, among others.

Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido, said: “Until now identity verification has digitized physical processes, but those processes haven’t changed. We’re still handing our identity over to be checked every time we access a new service. This partnership will change that — giving users control and organizations greater confidence in who their customers are. We plan to take Airside’s proven approach to the airline industry and apply it to other sectors requiring high customer assurance, such as financial services — providing a single, trusted view of each customer’s identity.”

Adam Tsao, General Manager for Airside at Onfido, commented: “By teaming up with Onfido and layering in their trusted verification technology with Airside’s Digital ID, we can take identity to the next level with the same ease and trust we have with online payments.”

Onfido offers a Real Identity Platform that establishes trust between governments, businesses, and people, ensuring proper onboarding, customer authentication, KYC, and fraud protection.

The Airside Digital Identity App puts digital identity in people’s hands, making their verified digital IDs secure on their device and easily accessible. There’s no longer a need to show identity documents (IDs) or share excessive amounts of personal information when trying to access services; users can now verify their identity once and only share what they need to, like a date of birth for age verification.

Airside’s shareable digital identity technology has been used by over 10 million travelers and is trusted by major U.S. government agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Its customers include the world’s largest airlines, which allow passengers to use the innovative Airside Digital Identity App to fast-track passengers through U.S. airports.

Onfido will combine its verification capabilities with Airside’s privacy-first identity management technology towards a ‘verify once, use anywhere’ world, where customers can manage their own digital identity stored on their smartphone — using it to access new services without having to verify again.

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