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Digital asset hedge fund AltTab Capital opens London office

Source: AltTab

AltTab Capital, the cryptocurrency and digital assets hedge fund company, announces the launch of an office in London, UK, which will allow it to expand its network of international Professional Investors and other partners. AltTab Capital was founded as an investment company in North America in 2021 and the fund has timed this launch to take advantage of thawing conditions in the digital asset markets to establish a presence in Europe. The fund currently has an AUM of $19M, including its principal Forerunner Fund and a number of Special Purpose Vehicles.

AltTab Capital began as an evolution of a family and friends fund that had been established by Dr. Raymond Ng in 2017. A physician by background, Raymond had moved into crypto trading full time and founded AltTab as CIO with former Microsoft and Google engineering leader Greg Moritz as COO, and former Google partnerships and platforms lead Michael Silberberg, who will manage up the London office as Head of Investor Relations.

London was identified as the ideal European base due to a number of advantages; the UK is home to the second largest hedge fund market in the world, after the US, with more than 500 set up in the capital since 2019. Meanwhile, the regulatory environment is increasingly favourable towards digital assets, and the established technology and finance hubs present in London provide a wealth of talent for AltTab to draw on to fuel future expansion.

AltTab Capital’s Forerunner Fund, is an open-ended crypto hedge fund which offers four sources of return: Dynamic Holding, Yield Farming, Active Trading and Cash Equivalent Reserves. It takes a macro approach to understanding investment themes driving the cryptocurrency market and invests in the top-performing cryptocurrencies over a longer term (months to years time horizon). AltTab’s Special Purpose Vehicles are mechanisms for a number of illiquid venture-style investments that they offer to their investor base.

Michael Silberberg, Head of Investor Relations, said of the UK launch: “We’ve already seen strong interest in our fund since we arrived in London and it’s proving a good base from which to project ourselves into European markets. Investors here in London know that digital assets are here to stay and they want a piece of the action.”

Dr Raymond Ng, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, commented: “AltTab Capital has survived the Crypto Winter while other funds have fallen by the wayside and now we are thriving once more. The UK is a logical next step on our journey to becoming a truly international fund and I look forward to us being able to serve and prosper with a new cohort of investors from across the Atlantic.”

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