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Temenos announces 2023 Customer Awards

Source: Temenos

Temenos (SIX: TEMN) today announced its 2023 Customer Awards winners at the Temenos Community Forum (TCF) in Vienna, celebrating the global pioneers, innovators and visionaries in banking.

Andreas Andreades, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos, said: “Temenos enables banks from the largest to the smallest to engage and grow in a cloud world. We are delighted to recognize some of our clients who’ve successfully used our cloud-native, robust and scalable platform to drive innovation, deliver outstanding customer experiences and grow sustainably.”

Customer Experience Award - Bank SinoPac

SinoPac is one of the most successful banks in Taiwan for digital account acquisition, having attracted 1.2 to 1.4 million users to its DAWHO account, which combines multiple product types in one app. Adding the Temenos digital banking solution in 2022, on top of the existing core platform, is delivering a complete end-to-end retail banking solution, which will enable an even more personalized, seamless experience for customers.

Digital Transformation Award - APAP

In 2022, APAP successfully launched 100% digital products, most notably Digital Mortgage Credit. These have earned it recognition as one of the most innovative banks in Latin America and helped the bank to achieve a customer satisfaction level of 94% for its products and channels. They have also had a positive impact on financial inclusion in the Dominican Republic by providing over 12,000 young people with access to savings and helping over 8,000 people gain access to credit for the first time.

Core Transformation Award - Nordea

Nordea, one of the biggest banks in Europe, is building a new core banking platform that will enable it to develop digital solutions, improve efficiency and better meet the needs of its customers. The platform will host multiple product types, as well as administration of collateral, all in a common Nordic setup that meets the needs of four different countries, currencies and regulators.

Banking Innovation Award - Komerční banka

Komerční banka (KB) is undertaking a multi-year strategic growth plan, targeting a client base of two million. Migrating to Temenos gives KB an agile platform, available 24x7, which provides a seamless digital experience and enables the development of innovative new services, such as multi-currency accounts. KB has also worked with Temenos to develop a General Ledger to the Accounting Module of Transact, allowing it to be used across all of the bank’s transactions.

Sustainability Banking Award - EQ Bank

EQ Bank has been named the best bank in Canada on Forbes' 2023 list of the World’s Best Banks for three years in a row. EQ Bank is the digital platform of Equitable Bank, the only Schedule I Canadian bank to have reported all applicable categories of Scope 3 emissions from the entire portfolio (excluding Concentra) for the second year. By migrating onto the Temenos Banking Cloud in 2022, EQ Bank became the first bank in Canada to use a core infrastructure fully hosted in a public cloud environment. This energy-efficient solution has helped EQ Bank deliver an annual saving of 93-97% in CO2 emissions compared to on-premise infrastructure and achieve carbon neutral status for Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Visionary Leadership Award - Abdullah Alomari from Al Rajhi Bank

Abdullah Alomari is recognized for leading the multimillion-dollar transformation program to bring all lines of Al Rajhi’s business (Retail, Corporate, and SME) onto the Temenos Core Banking platform. As well as driving cost savings, this has improved customer satisfaction thanks to a personalized, omnichannel experience. It also enables faster innovation, with a brand new SME business being launched by the bank in just six months.

Additionally, three clients were chosen for an Innovation Hero Award for their successful deployment of an innovative product in 2022. Voting was conducted by a jury, as well as peers on social media.

Innovation Hero Award (Jury Choice) - Flowe

Flowe, an environmentally-friendly Italian challenger bank, used the flexibility and efficiency of the Temenos platform to launch a new Instant Payments solution. This allows customers to transfer money instantly and securely in under three seconds, with the CO2 generated by each payment being offset by supporting a high social impact reforestation project in Guatemala.

Innovation Hero Award (Jury Choice) - Bank of Abyssinia

Bank of Abyssinia launched Ethiopia’s first digital banking app with a complete banking experience in just four months using Temenos Infinity. The new app, Apollo, allows complete Digital Onboarding, Accounts, Transfers, P2P and bill payments, making it a one-stop banking solution for customers. The initiative aims to encourage moves towards a cash- lite economy, thereby reducing the environmental impact of transactions, while also reducing costs and improving the customer onboarding process.

Innovation Hero Award (Online Vote) - Sinapi Aba

Ghanaian savings and loans company Sinapi Aba used Temenos Transact APIs to design a mobile banking platform for underserved groups, mainly female entrepreneurs. This offers a convenient, transparent, affordable and secure way of performing banking transactions, while also integrating with financial education components. The solution now sees an average of 65,000 individual transactions monthly, worth over $2.3m.

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