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Corelation signs two Hawaiin credit unions to Keystone core

Source: Corelation

Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union ($798 million assets; 46,027 members; Kailua Kona, HI) and Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union ($464 million assets; 31,022 members; Waipahu, HI), having spent multiple decades on different cores, came to the conclusion that a change was necessary and overdue.

Both credit unions arrived at the decision to switch to the KeyStone core.

“We prioritize our employees’ experience as well as our members’ experience. It is so important to have a great relationship with our core provider and Corelation provides that,” shared Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union President and CEO Tricia Buskirk. “Our staff was key in participating in the in-depth demos and hands-on demos and they felt that KeyStone was the right core to deliver the service excellence that we were looking for.”

Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union had a similar approach in selecting KeyStone. “As we did our product demos, our staff overwhelmingly chose Corelation. In talking to Corelation customers in Hawaii and across the country, the feedback has been that KeyStone is more than just a good product, they’re good people; Corelation is here to support us,” said President and CEO of Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union Dan Terada.

While the relationship and people played a significant role in the core selection process for these two credit unions, the decision was strengthened by the person-centric system and the open API, KeyBridge, which allows for seamless integration with both new and existing vendors.

“Being an IT professional for over 30 years, technology and innovation is near and dear to me. With so many new and emerging technologies in our industry, one of the real challenges I’ve experienced is limitations to integrating and adding functionality to the core; with Corelation’s open API, we can confidently move forward with third parties and in-house solutions,” added Terada.

Ease-of-use was also key to the staff members at both credit unions. “It is easy to teach KeyStone to our team, the user-friendly interface will provide a positive experience for our employees and reduce training time. Eliminating multiple manual steps for everyday tasks and processes; something as simple as an address change will be so much easier on KeyStone,” shared Ashlyn Uina, Organizational & Development Training Officer at Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union.

Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union is scheduled to convert in April 2024 and Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union is scheduled to convert in June 2024.

“We take pride in Corelation's commitment to delivering top-notch software, supported by successful partnerships built on trust and providing unmatched client service,” shared Corelation President Rob Landis. “We are excited to welcome both Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union and Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union to the Corelation family and are eager to provide them with our full support!” 

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