FaceTime integrates IM Auditor with EMC Centera


FaceTime Communications today announced that it has completed the integration of its industry-leading IM Auditor with EMC Centera content addressed storage system. EMC Centera is an entirely new software-driven storage architecture specifically designed to address the unique information storage requirements of fixed, "unstructured" content such as IM, email and digital imaging.

The new integration lets customers store and report on archived IM and other content from a single control point. FaceTime IM Auditor captures IM and other traffic, providing workflow, review and other capabilities required for regulatory compliance and best business practices. The captured traffic is then directly transferred to EMC's best-of-breed storage and archiving system, Centera, providing customers with the ease of storing all unstructured content in the same system.

Christopher Dean, senior vice president of business development and marketing at FaceTime, said: "FaceTime IM Auditor continues to enable the safe usage of instant messaging in the enterprise. By combining with EMC's powerful data storage management solution, customers can control and directly transfer real-time communications into Centera for secure, cost effective archival and storage."

Whether its electronic business documents, X-rays or cheque images all types of fixed content have three common attributes: long-term value to an organisation, the need to remain unchanged and increased value through fast access with assured content integrity. EMC Centera network-based storage solution is designed to deliver all three while economically scaling from multiple terabyte to petabyte-sized environments.

Roy Sanford, vice president content addressed storage at EMC said: "As the world's first content addressed storage solution, Centera addresses the unique requirements of fixed content. By integrating with Centera, FaceTime extends superior storage and archiving capabilities to its customers deploying its FaceTime IM Auditor package."

Once relegated to tape archives, optical disks, or file cabinets, fixed content is now being driven online, fueled by regulatory requirements, digitisation of industries such as financial services, energy, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, insurance and professional services.

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