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SaltPay rebrands as Teya for launch

Source: Teya

Teya, a new business solutions provider offering a one-stop solution for small and medium businesses across Europe, has announced its launch.

Formerly operating under the name SaltPay, Teya is on a mission to make sure that every business in Europe has the opportunity to thrive - no matter its size or where it’s based.

Teya is creating a unified solution for payments, business management, and growth - with the aim to deliver simplicity and connectivity for SMBs when it comes to the software they use to power their businesses.

At launch, Teya is focused on making payments simpler for its customers, offering easy-to-use payment solutions using the latest point-of-sale (POS) terminal hardware, next-day settlements, third-party integrations, merchant portal, and payment links. These are available on fair and transparent terms, with simplified pricing, and without locking customers into long contracts.

Teya’s business management tools will also form part of their end-to-end solution - including a digital loyalty platform, website builder, advanced electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) system, booking management, online visibility tools, and merchant account features. The model means customers can benefit from one supplier if they choose Teya’s solutions instead of multiple third parties with different contracts, accounts, and terms. For those customers who prefer to use a third-party piece of software to power their business, Teya wants to create optionality and choice, and plans to create a connected solution for customers through partnerships and integrations.

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