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Nordnet signs five-year deal with Google Cloud

Source: Nordnet

Nordnet, the leading pan-Nordic digital platform for savings and investments, today announced an expanded, five-year partnership with Google Cloud to drive innovation and accelerate its transition to the cloud.

Nordnet will leverage Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and data analytics services to deliver reliable and dynamic experiences to its customers across the Nordics. By 2025, Nordnet expects that the majority of its online offering will be underpinned by cloud technology.

Google Cloud has played a key role in Nordnet’s digital transformation journey for several years and has helped migrate a significant number of applications to the cloud. Nordnet’s 1.7 million customers have already benefited from a more stable investment platform and the addition of new cloud-based services. For example, by leveraging Google Cloud’s data and analytics solutions, Nordnet can now provide more detailed and performant trading graphs to customers. Furthermore, data from Nordnet’s popular social investment platform Shareville, combined with Google’s leading machine-learning capabilities, has enabled Nordnet to offer customers more personalized user experiences.

“We realised that the rapid changes in customer needs, both now and in the future, would be best served by creating a more dynamic IT infrastructure in a cloud environment,” said Elias Lindholm , CTO, Nordnet. “The transition to the cloud has made us more agile when handling complex workloads and creating new or improved customer experiences. We are pleased to expand our partnership with Google Cloud, as we share a similar approach to innovation, and we are excited to build the next generation of financial services solutions together.”

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Nordnet created a more robust platform with improved performance during busy trading periods, enhanced security capabilities, and additional services to provide investors with better insights into their investment portfolios. In fact, during the pandemic, Nordnet was able to scale up without interruptions, switch to a more data-driven development approach, and build the foundations to further democratize savings and investments for its customers.

“Nordnet is part of an industry that is continually transforming and adapting to change, and we’re very proud to partner with them on its journey to the cloud. Using Google Cloud technology and machine-learning capabilities, Nordnet can now equip and empower its entire organisation with the tools to create personalized customer experiences—with security at the core,” said Eva Fors, Managing Director, Google Cloud, Nordic Region.

Google Cloud’s secure, scalable, and innovative technology has enabled Nordnet to move away from continuous maintenance and shift its focus toward creating new services that democratise savings and investments for its customers.

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