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QuantCube ships Core CPI indicator for US market

Source: QuantCube

Paris, 28 March 2023 – Alternative data analytics firm QuantCube Technology today announced the availability of the QuantCube Core CPI Nowcast indicator for the US economy.

The new indicator quantifies core inflation by measuring changes in the prices of goods and services. It excludes the food and energy components included in the broader Consumer Price Index, which are generally more volatile. The QuantCube Core CPI Nowcast indicator is designed to provide a clear picture of long-term inflation trends in the US. The indicator provides crucial real-time insights on core inflation significantly ahead of official numbers published monthly.

“Everyone is keen to understand long-term inflationary trends to quantify the impact on the economy and investable assets. The QuantCube Core CPI nowcast indicator addresses this need by providing an accurate real-time view of core inflation that strips out volatile components like food and energy prices, which can mask underlying trends,” explained Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO and Co- Founder, QuantCube Technology. “This new indicator will give traders and investors the added granularity they are looking for in helping them understand the impact of different components on headline inflation, providing valuable insights which they can apply to their investment strategies.”

The QuantCube team applied a fundamental approach to construct the new core CPI indicator - collecting and analysing high volumes of frequently-published alternative data on the prices of goods and services. QuantCube’s approach is unique in analysing real prices, not market sentiment. Users of QuantCube’s Macroeconomic Intelligence Platform (MIP), will benefit from the ability to see real-time data from QuantCube for both headline CPI and core CPI - and a breakdown by component. As well as tracking variations in core inflation against the standard CPI price level, users will also be able to view variations year on year and month on month.

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